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Wicked tee shirt with Anarchy Reigns logo on the front and dishing up a something a little different on the back .

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Warm hoodie for going out, with the Anarchy Reigns Logo

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There are instances in our life when we can handle complete d*cks, d**ches, and overall a*s-hats.
Then there are instances where they must be eradicated, or at least held at bay.
Now it is possible without even confronting or interacting with them.
Spray liberally and carry often.

Wickedly posh for an anarchist with subtle logo on the breast pocket!!

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Enjoy Amsterdam’s coolest energy drink anytime, anywhere.
Whether it’s on your sofa at 4:20 or the gym at 8 AM, the quick rush of this organic beverage is sure to stimulate your groove.
No worries —the buzz is completely legal!
There’s no mind altering shit in this sweet nectar.
The high comes from its refreshing mix of caffeine, B vitamins and taurine.
Energy drink fanatics everywhere are chirping about its great taste.
It’s infused with hemp seed extract, so yeah —you’ll vibe on a whole new level.
Don’t be the last to experience its tantalizing twist. Grab a 12-pack today and see what the buzz is all about.
Why it’s awesome:
Filled with fat-burning omega 3’s
All natural ingredients
Clean smooth taste and essential vitamins
Quick, healthy energy burst
Gorgeous green-colored can that looks good in your hand

How many?

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to Go F**k themselves, but were worried about the repercussions?
Of course, you have!
We all have.
Well, now you can.
The ‘Go F**k Yourself’ Condom Card ships in an elegant wedding invitation style envelope (5x7)
and contains a thick, die cut card and condom that tells the recipient to “Go F**k Yourself.”
Perfect for birthdays, bosses, best friends, bad break-ups, or just shits and giggles.
The ‘Go F**k Yourself’ Condom Card is a hilarious, on-the-nose gift that will definitely capture the attention of anyone to whom it is sent.
The best part is that we'll ship it anonymously on your behalf, if desired.

Recipient's name and address

This BITCH mug has an estrogenic attitude, and an ornery appeal that will catch people off guard and make them giggle in fear.
I mean, hell hath no fury like a coffee mug adorned, right?
This novelty mug is bold and bitchy with a capital B!
So hold it high with the might of a thousand PMS’ing shield maidens, and sip with a superior cheshire grin!
No one will question your will to unleash your wrath of feminist fury.
Buy one today for your female friends who love to exude their domineering attitude and great sense of humor!
Why wait? Grab it now and flaunt your attitude for all to see.

Are you a giant Dick, or do you possess a giant Dick?
ThisDiIck Mug is perfect for you.
Even if you, like I, are lacking down there, then maybe this mug is exactly what you need to prove to the masses otherwise.
Sip strong, friends.


This hilarious self-help parody is full of compassionate advices for men afflicted with Oversized Male Genitalia (OMG).
Far too often, these men are banished to the fringes of society, victims of their own freakish length and girth.
But Dr. Richard Jacob and Rev. Owen Thomas are here with a message of tolerance and hope, along with hilarious advice on 'coming out' to your family, sharing your assets with a partner, and avoiding injury in the workplace.
Complete with a daily affirmations journal and inspiring quotes from leading self-help experts, "How to Live With a Huge Penis" will send an uplifting message to men around the world.

Hand sandblasted engraved
These river rocks are 8" wide and 6" high
Rocks vary in size, color and texture
Engraving is painted with several coats of indoor/outdoor paint



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Anger Issues - the Album  - pre order available soon

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