Hitch has a big presence in life. He has worked many years in the Pharma Industry so frankly Drugs to Rock is just a natural progression according to him. The only thing the Pharma Industry did is inhibit him. He is now officially unleashed.

Hitch is named after the film the 70’s iconic film the Hitcher. He believes his theatrical approach and in many ways naiveite helps him write deep emotional songs that break the rules and just fucking rock.


Hailing from the south coast of the UK, Joedy has played guitar for a variety of different bands around the world throughout his career from funk to metal and good old hard rock.

Many influences have shaped Joedy as a player over the years and if it has strings then it’s his thing.

Frankly he just looks about as rock as you can fucking get.


Cut his teeth in a Motorhead tribute band and ended up playing with the great band themselves. It’s clear Andy likes big sounds and heavy music played loud.

Andy has played with the Gonads and Cockney Rejects and has jammed with many great names over the years.

Andy is now creating some real anarchy.

Hell yes……


Wally is the THE ROCK in Anarchy Reigns. He is the steady calming influence and a bass legend to boot.

Wally has been around the block and the world playing bass for most of the names in your rock record collection at one point or another.

Wally puts the Reigns in Anarchy Reigns.


To say Eddie has been about a bit is a massive understatement. An outstanding performing musician in his own right, writer of several multi-platinum songs on both sides of the pond.

Also, an outstanding producer who has crafted a real masterpiece with Anger Issues. He and Hitch have a close and collaborative working style that produces some real masterpieces.

Check them out.




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