Anger Issues idea came from a comment by Hitch’s step daughter Emma. She remarked to him that all of his songs were angry and he had Anger Issues. From that comment the concept has grown to this remarkable debut album.

Sure some of the songs are on the angry side, but this shows a passion in Hitch’s writing to tackle many issues that people generally walk past and unfortunately in this day and age sadly ignore.

Passion creates and also can divide. Hitch has written lyrics which deal with these issues and then encompass them in some of the best anthemic music written for a long time.

These are a selection of the songs on the Album which will be released in mid-October 2017. Please enjoy:


The title track which deals with many of the things in society which make Hitch angry from living a virtual life, to senselessly killing people in the name of religion.


The saying “if a politicians is speaking he is lying” is never more apt.
It is a sad reflection that most politicians in any country are elected on the basis of a whole raft of undeliverable policies and then fail to deliver them.
The song also uses samples of the biggest lie in political history, weapons of mass destruction.


Imagine the horrors of war.
In the trenches with bombs and bullets exploding all round you.
Imagine how scared you would be.
Then through the destruction and smoke you see your wife coming to get you.
Coming to protect you.
How would you feel?


We know better don’t we.
We apparently march into many sovereign countries to “save” all of the people from a particular tyrant.
We march to their capital and destroy their army and their structural organization.
They are free.
They are happy.
No. we never learn. We have screwed up as we had no plan.
Their world is much worse now.


Another Hellish night is a chilling song about a serial murderer.
Deeply intense lyrics with vivid and thought provoking guitars.




A Personal Message from Hitch

I sincerely hope you enjoy these songs both musically and lyrically as much effort has gone into them to produce music which is different but with real meaning. Great anthemic music written for the twenty first century in this great world that we live in, even if it makes me very angry.


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