Get it while you can. It will make the hairs stand up on your neck…..

Anarchy Reigns a new Industrial Metal Band that will Mind Fuck You

Mind fucking emotional songs that will touch your very being,
with visceral live performances that will completely blow you away





Hypocrisy - an outstanding new track off the new Album Anger Issues.



Cyprus Trip Competition Winner

The Winner of the Cyprus Competition: Maria Simou.
Pictured with Hitch and the band.

Maria said
What a truly amazing night to be here in Agia Triada.
Anarchy Reigns rocked the place like I have never seen.
I feel deeply privileged to be part of this incredible film.
I would like to thank Anarchy Reigns for their unbelievable hospitality and I will follow all of their live performances.
I will also carry on doing all of their great competitions!!



As Right as Reigns- Anarchy Reigns the New Salvaation of British Metal
Devil Horn Music

Join the Cult of Anarchy Reigns, Social Media’s Metal Sensation”
Sonic News British Rock

In case you’re late to the party, Anarchy Reigns aren’t just a band; they aren’t just political agitators – they’re a way of life.
Andy Forley Maximum Volume

Anarchy Reigns Over Whoever Lead Singer ‘Hitch’ Chooses
Look and Listen Blog

Lots of passion and a good sentiment dressed up in some good ol' fashion Rock. Simple vid which thankfully does not detract from the message.
Jonny Rox - Get Ya Rox Off

Screams out of the speakers at you till you get the message. Video is not for the faint hearted either. Loved the solo.
Chip Neilson - Guitar International Mag

An honest song with an honest message, check out the video as well. Love the production on this.
Kelly Peters - Rock Hard Magazine

Straight to the point and no mistake. Rock with bite!!
Dan Headly - Rock-Out magazine


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